Centers Of Excellence


This project seeks to identify and certify Centers of Excellence in Rheumatology throughout Africa, with the support of the AFLAR Accreditation Center.

The goal of having Centers of Excellence is to advance patient care, research, and education in Rheumatic Conditions

This projects’ long-term objectives are:

  • Creation of a network of Centers of Excellence in Rheumatology in Africa
  • Generation of minimum standards of care in Rheumatic Conditions
  • Generation of clinical care guidelines adapted for the African continent.
  • Develop and fulfil training curriculum in line with accredited centrs in each country and or region
  • Encourage collaboration between scientists and clinicians
  • To investigate treatment options and causes of disease, and improve care for patients
  • Supervision by an accreditation center.
  • Generate regional research by countries in Africa

To find out if your centre qualifies;
Download our application form below and or send an email to