Prof Ziryab IMAD

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University of Bahri · Internal Medicine /Division of Rheumatology


Internal medicine/MRCP(UK)/FRCP(Edinburgh)/

MS.c &Ph.D clinical pharmacology

Member in Board Managing in Medical and cancer Research Institute(MCRI).

Head of examination office of rheumatology speciality(SMSB)

He is the head office of Rheumatology specialty training in Sudan Medical Specialization Board 

And also Founder and President of Ziryab Research Group (ZRG)

Prof Ziryab despite the war and conflict in Sudan, is

 “still in my country because our patients need us. So we continue teaching, training our juniours, doing lectures, treating people, doing research.”

Ziryab does research in ,Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Trials

Bravo Prof Ziryab Imad

A truly AFLAR spirit💪🏾

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